Research Highlights


On August 27th, my research on brain responses to speaker confidence received a new media highlight on Equilibria Leadership Consulting, as new piece of scientific evidence showing how one uses his or her voice cues to enhance public speaking skills in organizational behavior.

On July 5th, the book ““Sociolinguistics – Interdisciplinary Perspectives” of which I serve as the editor is published as Open Access Book by InTech Open, ISBN 978-953-51-3334-6

In this book, I edited 8 independent chapters contributed by world-wide leading researchers from linguistics, sociology, psychology and computer science. I aim to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on how the language use is shaped by and evolves with human society and how in turn social activities are constructed by the way how language is organized and communicated.

I contributed to the chapter “Experimental Approaches to Socio‐Linguistics: Usage and Interpretation of Non‐Verbal and Verbal Expressions in Cross‐Cultural Communication” which discussed the latest approaches and topics centering around the cultural basis of social-linguistic processes.

On April 18th, my chapter “Who is respectful? Effects of social context and individual empathic ability on ambiguity resolution during utterance comprehension”, co-authored with Dr. Xiaolin Zhou and contributed to the special issue in the open-access Frontiers in Psychology, was available online in the e-book of the Frontiers Research Topic: “Context in Communication: A Cognitive View“.

On February 16th, I gave a talk entitled “Bridging language use and social cognition: Pragmatic inference, vocal communication and individual differences” at weekly Colloquia in the Institute of Cognitive Sciences, Carleton University

On February, my chapter “Tracking the Sound of Human Affection: EEG Signals Reveal Online Decoding of Socio-Emotional Expression in Human Speech and Voice” was published in the open-access book “Emotion and Attention Recognition Based on Biological Signals and Images” published by InTech Open Access


On Dec. 29th, I was invited to give a talk “The voice of confidence and doubt” in the Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University

On Nov. 30th, I gave a talk entitled “Is the non-native speaker as believable as the native speaker? Group membership alters neural mechanisms underlying vocal trustworthiness” at the Cognition and Circuit Seminar in Montreal Neurological Institute (organized by Professor Dr. Lesley Fellows), McGill University

My work on Neuropsychologia about Neural responses towards speaker feeling of (un)knowing is further commented on World Biomedical Frontiers (

My post on Society of Personality and Social Psychology on how to improve confidence ( and his summary of his work with Professor Marc Pell who directs the Neuropragmatics and Emotion Lab (

My work on Cortex about how the brain decodes speaker confidence is covered by media on Forbes “The brain detects confidence in voices faster than you think” (

My work on Cortex about how the brain decodes speaker confidence is covered by media on New Scientists “Confident? Your voice gives your away in milliseconds” (


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